10 mistakes smart people don’t make twice! What is it?

In Michigan and in the State University Laboratory (physiological Psychology Laboratory), researchers at this lab found that people could be classified into two types:

• Section 1: Those with a fixed mindset and they make mistakes repeatedly and bitterly without admittingWith mistakes

• The second section is those with an evolving mindset , They also admit their mistakes and improve and enhance their abilities and avoid mistakes they make.


10 mistakes smart people don’t make twice 


1- They don’t work without a clear budget

Smart people budget for all their personal and professional moves and they don’t go beyond that budget. They always make their own personal and professional decisions depending on budget management.


2. Set a main goal

regardless of concerns in sub- or secondary objectives. Smart people make no mistake forgetting the main goal or the big picture they set for the distant or main goals they work for.


3. Achieving the Goals

In fact, achieving goals takes hard work, they may fail the first time. But they also learn the first time and resist circumstances. Failure and learning from failure is a catalyst for smart people to succeed.


4. change their methods

Because they failed and learned smart people don’t make the same mistakes they always change their ways of dealing with problems. They also learn problem-solving skills and the means they relied on when they first failed.


5. They don’t rely on luck, sometimes they may be lucky, but they never forget their duties. They also know that luck may prevent them from achieving their long-term goals

That’s why they don’t rely on luck and know that the road to the secrets of success requires effort and perseverance.


6.  Exclusivity

“If you want to be a loser, try to please everyone,” German leader Rommel says. In fact, smart people avoid trying to please everyone, making courageous and correct financial and personal decisions that do not satisfy everyone. That’s why they understand that exclusivity is one of the laws of success.

7. Avoid passive

Intelligent people base their lives on the principle of being real and positive people, so they do not seek to change anyone, and in return they do not allow frustration to be infected by people Others.


8. They do not investigate the role of the victim

If they do this they give up part of their personality and power, so smart people don’t play the victim.


9- Not wasting time

Among the many mistakes smart people don’t make is that they don’t complain about the hustle and bustle of the roads and state conditions in which they live, they put their focus on the things they control and the first of these things are their personal methods and behaviors.


10. They do not expect quick results

  1. Smart people understand that change does not come quickly, but is the result of continuous effort and work, they always make an effort to reach the sub-goals, but their eyes do not leave, starting with that big picture and the main goal they seek.


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