5 Mistakes to Avoid When Adding Images to Your Site

Statistics show that photo articles are viewed more often than article without images.

If you’re developing a marketing strategy, you need to add images to your site. We can’t deny the importance of photography here and now. Statistics show that photo articles are viewed more often than an article without images.

The photos are very attractive and will fill your site with color. This article explains some common mistakes you can avoid when posting photos to your website. Read on for more details.

1- Reduce the image size

Most visitors do not wait more than 3 seconds to upload a photo to their laptop or desktop computer. And don’t wait more than 5 seconds when using your phone. So if it takes more than 5 seconds to run an image on these devices, you may lose a lot of potential customers. So all you have to do is reduce the image size to a maximum of 700KB. This allows users to upload images much faster, no matter what device they use.

2: Rename the files

Don’t underestimate the importance of renaming files. Keeping the default photo names is not a good idea. When it comes to search engine optimization, you can add keywords to your photo titles. You can also write a description and add keywords for proper optimization. If you do not perform this experiment, search engine crawlers will not index your images in the database.

3- Add description

Be sure to consider the label differently than in the photo. They are text alternatives to photos. If you want your site to rank first among the major search engines, you need to include informative descriptions. All photo descriptions must be in English. Don’t make the mistake of adding too many keywords or phrases. It can affect your search engine rankings.

4- Use the correct file extension.

Make sure your site has the correct image file type. You can now create images of different sizes according to your needs. However, currently, the most common extensions are JPG, JPEG, and PNG. PNG is a great choice if you want to keep the quality of your photos, no matter how often you edit and save them.

5- Avoid using distorted images.

Image distortion is another common problem with image processing. Make sure your photos don’t last long. Always work with the original version of the photo you want. You can use Photoshop preview to compare different versions of a photo. In short, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when it comes to placing images on your site.

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