5 Simple Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Business

Marketing is one of the most important factors that make a project succeed in the fastest way


Marketing is one of the most important factors that make a project succeed in the fastest way, but you must first learn what are the best and easiest ways to market your project.

1- Conversations with influencers through your blog:

People love to follow people who influence their communities. You can take advantage of this by compiling a list of people who are influential in your niche and interviewing them in interviews that interest the audience. Keep in mind that not having a budget will push you to choose people who are not interested in getting paid to conduct the dialogue.

On the other hand, it is preferable to use this type when your blog has started to collect a good rate of visits, so that you can display these numbers to the person before hosting him, ensuring that you will give him an amount of benefit that makes him accept the dialogue while developing marketing ideas to take advantage of this dialogue on sites Social communication increases the benefit for both parties.


2- Insert some stories:

The use of stories is one of the most important methods used in writing advertisements because people always like to read stories because of their great impact on them, as it is a method that costs you nothing but the ability to tell. It is important that the story you use is similar to the life of your audience and is derived from the problems they experience in their lives, or the situations they encounter daily.

Through this, you can ensure their interest in it and the possibility of its impact on them, and the stories also enable you to produce many marketing ideas for your project, by talking about its idea, and highlighting how it contributes to solving their problems and then increases the ability of customers to be convinced and buy.


3- Use of Google My Business:

In 2013, Google issued an important update in the world of algorithms that caused a major change in the search for commercial activities, as it awarded first place on the search page for results close to the searcher’s site. This has maximized the benefit of the Google My Business service, which gives you control over how your business appears in searches and on Google Maps.


It is one of the powerful promotional ideas for your project, and it does not cost you anything, just all you have to do is add information such as your business name and address, phone number, and working hours. With the ability to add photos or videos, this information appears to the people who search for you so that potential customers can reach you without making any effort.



4- Create a podcast:

During the past periods, podcasts, known as podcasts, began to spread among Internet users, due to the ease of listening to them, for example, on transportation or while carrying out some other tasks. Therefore, it has become popular to use it as an important business marketing tool, as it does not need a budget because there are many free podcast hosting services. It almost costs nothing but to buy a microphone to use in recording, or it is possible to use audio editing software if there is no possibility to purchase.

As is the case with blog content, you can produce similar marketing ideas that benefit you in reaching your customers, by presenting topics that suit your audience so they want to listen to them or try to host experts and influencers and dialogue with them. It is also helpful if you transcribe the content of the audio interview in written form, and then post it into an article on your blog, so that you can maximize the benefit of the interview.



5- Free trial services:

One of the most important means to help you promote your business is to activate the free trial of the service, and this idea is suitable for entrepreneurs who provide services, such as training, professional advice, business organization tools, and others. And many sites often do this idea, allowing their customers to use it for free for 14 days, after which they can determine if they want to continue and pay the cost of the subscription, or stop the service.


This encourages customers’ decision to use the service, as the customer realizes that he will not lose anything from the free trial, and he can cancel the trial at any time he wants without paying any financial compensation.

The topic may take another picture, for example, the owners of training courses sites use the free trial temporarily, as they make the subscription to the platform completely free at the beginning, and after some time the registration becomes a fee, this encourages many people interested in the field to register so that they do not miss the opportunity, and this achieves The platform has the spread you want.

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