6 Common Mistakes Are Hurting Your Health

Air pollution causes many people to suffer from many health problems

According to many reports, Delhi has once again become a gas chamber. According to the official air quality monitor called SAFAR, the national capital quality index was 506 from Diwali. At 4 a.m., this number exceeded 999.

Air pollution causes many people to suffer from many health problems, such as dry eyes, red eyes, headaches, nausea, dizziness, obstruction, sinus congestion, irritability, and difficulty. breath. In this article, we will talk about 6 common mistakes that can harm your health. Read on for more details.

1. go for a walk in the morning:-

Regular exercise should be a part of your life, but you may want to take drastic measures to deal with difficult situations. Walking in the morning is unhealthy due to the high level of air pollution. So you may not want to go for a walk to protect your health from air pollution.

2. do not wear a mask:-

Statistics show that air pollution is so high that it irritates the respiratory tract for hours outdoors. Even if you have to go out intermittently, make sure you wear an N95 mask before going out.

3. Non-ventilation of the house:-

Outdoor air pollution is a big problem, but indoor air pollution must also be addressed. Sometimes you just have to open windows and doors to ventilate the house. It is better to install a fan in the kitchen and bathroom. These measures will improve air circulation in your home.

4. Do not open doors or windows:-

If you think you can keep your doors and windows closed to protect yourself from air pollution, think again. Opening doors and windows for hours every day will inspire your home. However, it is not recommended to do this when the pollution level is highest. Therefore, doors and windows should only be open at night.

5. Ignoring traditional remedies:-

It is also important to follow traditional treatments when dealing with respiratory problems such as asthma and respiratory problems. For example, if you want to clean your airways, you may need to breathe the steam. This exercise will help keep your airways clean.

6. There are no plants in the house:-

Gardening provides many benefits. For example, it helps to purify the air in your home. Many houseplants can do a great job of purifying the air in your home. If you are looking for the best plants, you will find aloe vera, spider plants, and ivy.

In short, to protect yourself and your family from air pollution, it is best to avoid these common mistakes.

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