7 myths about air purifiers you should stop believing

Air purifiers are quite effective at polluting the air inside, but some people have a misconception about these devices.

The demand for air purifiers has increased dramatically in recent years. As winter approaches, air quality may deteriorate. Air purifiers are quite effective at polluting the air inside, but some people have a misconception about these devices.

We will dispel some of these myths for you. Read on for more details. No indoor air purifier is required Some people think that their house is free of contaminants. However, the reality is that indoor air is much more polluted due to poor air circulation.

So installing an air purifier can turn your home into fresh air bubbles. This will protect you from the outside air. An indoor air purifier is a friend of an owner.

First of all, it all depends on the quality of the outside air. It is recommended to close all doors and windows if the air quality is too poor. However, if there is smoke in the house or the room, you can open the windows. It can be cigarette smoke or kitchen smoke. Also, do not keep windows and doors closed for long periods. This is because the amount of carbon dioxide in the house is increasing.

This device does not remove carbon dioxide, so it is advisable to open several windows from time to time. Air purifiers must get rid of odors. Fresh air has nothing to do with odors.

It generally depends on the type of air purification filter.

For example, you may feel the difference if your device has an activated carbon filter. The problem is that air purifiers are not designed to eliminate odors. Therefore, you may not want to make a decision based solely on this test. Try another test to see if your device works as expected. Air-conditioned rooms do not require these devices. This is a common method of closure.

The function of the air conditioner is to adjust the room temperature. This device is not designed to filter contaminants. Air conditioning can be inefficient when filtering small particles. No need to replace the filter The capacity of the HEPA filter is unlimited.

The outside of the air purifier filter can be polished, but small particles inside the filter cannot be removed. Therefore, cleaning and replacing the device is not enough. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a new filter and replace it with an old one. No need to buy expensive units This is another misconception.

These devices are available in a variety of filters with different capacities. For example, if the room is small, it is recommended to install a small air purifier. However, it may not work well if the room or lobby is large. In this case, you may need to choose a more expensive device. In short, we hope that this article will help clarify some misconceptions about these devices.

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