7 Tips to Consider Before Installing A Steam Shower

The advantages of this shower

Many Steamiest shower owners praise the benefits of a regular steam bath for allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. The steam naturally opens the airways and helps to improve the symptoms of nasal and thoracic congestion. Even if you are recovering from a cold or seasonal allergy, a steaming session can help relieve symptoms.


7 Tips to Consider When Buying a Steam Shower for Your Home

1. The maximum height of the ceiling is 8 meters.

The ideal height of the steam shower is up to 2 meters. If you have a bathroom with high ceilings or a dome, you may need a more powerful steam generator to fill the kiosk.

2. The place is important

The chair you choose for the steam shower will increase the comfort of the swimmer and the versatility of the space. Using a small proper, it is a good idea to collect a seating place where you can store a room with steam washing.


3. against slipping

In Canada, steam showers are a safety issue. It’s a good idea to add a non-slip function to your new steam shower. Non-slip floors can be anything from non-slip floors to special tiles to reduce the risk of slipping.


4. steam shower control

The control unit is one of the best parts of the new Steamist steam shower. You want easy access to the steam shower controls in the shower cubicle. It is recommended to place the control unit as close as possible to the steam shower or as close as possible to the front door.


5. cover the lights with steam

The interior lighting of the steam shower must be a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering. If water comes in contact with an ordinary lamp, it can be dangerous. Only vapor stop lights are safe and approved for use in Canadian steam showers.


6. Hire an electrician to install a steam generator

Consult an authorized electrician when making changes to your home’s electrical system. This includes installing the Steamist steam shower generator.

7. Use double glazing

Some steam showers for houses and cottages use outdoor windows for great views. But always remember to use double glazing to avoid heat or water loss.

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