The young man the world cried for

The story began in 2019, when the 26-year-old Aguilera Mederos was driving the truck loaded with wood. He was driving at a speed of 85 kilos per hour, which is considered normal. Suddenly, he found that his truck brakes do not work to drive the truck in an attempt to avoid the cars in front of him and then lose control and crash into 28 cars at a petrol station, killing 4 people:

Stanley Politano 69 years old

William Bailey, 67 years old

Doyle Harrison 61 years old

Miguel Angel Lamas Arellano 24 years old


It is causing tremendous destruction, but it was his mistake, which many criticized him, and he even admitted that he did not move to the emergency stop line on the side of the road.


The young Cuban immigrant is on trial and convicted of 27 different charges totaling 110 years.


The young man cried in court and swore that he was not a criminal or a murderer, and this was a mistake to turn the world in sympathy for the young man and even the families of the victims, when they watched the case, they sympathized with the innocent young man and that the judge ruled him with penalties that do not even exist in American law.


The young man who does not have any criminal precedents, does not smoke drugs and does not drink alcohol, has been analyzed to make them so that there is no trace of drugs or alcohol in his body and everyone testifies to him with kindness and good reputation.


Millions of even world stars such as Kim Kardashian used their accounts to support him and help him commute his sentence, demanding that truck drivers even decide to boycott the US state of Colorado and launched a campaign to prevent their trucks from entering the state until the penalty for the boy is reduced.


The boy’s club in the court in Rafaha said, “I never thought about harming anyone in my life, I wished I had died before I hurt anyone.”


After many demands and on the night of the year, the decision to reduce his sentence for only 10 years is issued by the governor of the state, who demanded a review of the methods of justice in the state and America, which will make the boy able to go out after only five years for good behavior to return his life after losing it due to a naive mistake.

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