In The Middle Of The Night

last night I and my family planned to go somewhere a little bit far from home

last night I and my family planned to go somewhere a little bit far from home, just for fun and food, so we decided to go to a restaurant, a special restaurant, “IDK”.

it was night, snowing night when we were in the car, my dad was driving to that “idk” restaurant in the middle of the way we decided to take a motel and rest bc it’s a long trip.

when we woke up, we continued driving, driving and driving till we reached that restaurant and we entered it then we ordered our food and it was delicious.

when we finished our food we got back to the car and my dad start to drive off, suddenly we notice a large black van behind us was right behind us and this van start following us for around 4 km until we were close to our hotel room so we decided to call the police and to tell them our story and the police asked about the plate number of the van but there was no number on it.


suddenly the van hit our car from behind and it left a scratch on our car and the driver came by and asked my dad to pull aside and to give everything they have. My dad decides to ignore them and to complete his way until they shoot a bullet at our front tier.

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