A Quick Guide on How to Refrigerate Food and Keep It Fresh

Each household has purchased basic food at the beginning of the month, and perishable foods such as vegetables, dairy products, fruits, and meat are purchased in limited quantities and are destroyed in a few days. Although these products have a limited shelf life, they will last longer if stored in the refrigerator. The role of the refrigerator is something that many people ignore and accept as usual. If refrigerators are not properly maintained, consumers will often see spoiled food due to defective or defective parts inside the refrigerator. Here are some factors that determine why food quality changes when stored in the refrigerator.


the time he was in the market


It is often known that people can keep track of when food is refrigerated and, as a result, determine if the food is good. What they forget is that perishable foods come to the store first and are accepted for purchase. When buying products such as bread, milk, and meat products, check the date of manufacture and buy accordingly. If you keep it in the store long enough, take it home and expect it to stay fresh, it will not be in good condition.


The type of food you want to keep


When you store meat or dairy products, such as milk and cheese, the meat lasts longer than dairy products. The latter lasts 5 days, after which it becomes invalid and unusable. You can keep it in an airtight container and keep it a little cooler on the back of the shelf. If the food breaks down in a day or two, it may be due to a faulty area of ​​the refrigerator that needs your immediate attention.


the age of the refrigerator


A poorly maintained refrigerator or items that have been in it for a long time do not cool and adequately protect the food in which it is stored. In this case, regardless of the food you store, you can often see that it is spoiled. These problems are not related to food, but to the entire appliance, if there are parts that are damaged or malfunctioning, and if the refrigerator has been in use for a long time and cannot function. before and. how to store food


Storing hot food in the refrigerator uses more energy to maintain its temperature. Therefore, food should always be kept cold. It is known that this shortens the life of the refrigerator and deteriorates its quality every day. Keeping food closed also prevents it from staying fresh for a long time.


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