Advice we need in our lives

1) Get yourself used to joy until it gets used to you, and feel yourself hopeful until you find the world in your hands.


2) Do not live waiting for anyone, whoever does not consider your existence again for him, does not consider his absence a loss for you.


3) The fiercest battle you will fight in your life is to achieve yourself as you want, in a world that does its best to make you like the rest.


4) Don’t exhaust yourself with people who have chosen to understand you wrong, just leave silently and days will reveal to them who you are.


5) Don’t let go of your unique personality to admire anyone.


6) A smile is less expensive than electricity but brighter.


7) Don’t aspire to be better than others, but aspire to be better than yourself before.


8) Don’t worry about thinking too much: Why did they say and why did they?


Trust your Lord and then yourself as long as they are human they only have to talk.


9) Feelings of happiness when you set yourself a goal, then strive to achieve it diligently and diligently, and achieve it.


10) Nothing comes back like before, memorize this phrase well before you break something.

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