Alcohol abuse

Drinking alcohol with colds, flu and coronavirus carries a risk to human health, Dr. Evgeny Bryan said.

Brion, a specialist in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, pointed out that alcohol abuse during the disease can be dangerous because it causes additional pressure on the heart, causes poisoning due to incompatibility with medicines, and because alcohol generally weakens the body’s immunity.


He stressed the futility of massaging the body with alcohol during cold diseases. He stressed that vodka therapy is similar to poison therapy, because it will weaken the body and become more susceptible to the influence of viruses.


Commenting on tips to drink warm when symptoms of a sore throat appear, he said: “Of course it helps any warm drink and relieves a sore throat. And there’s not much difference between warm milk with honey or warm beer in terms of effect. But beer contains alcohol, which, as mentioned earlier, reduces immunity.”

The doctor pointed out that when the first signs of influenza appear, symptomatic treatment can be started with home first aid: at a body temperature above 38 degrees, an antipyretic drug should be taken, when a cold appears with a runny nose and nasal congestion – washed with a solution of sea salt and use an anti-prosy drop, and when coughing and During all this, you should contact the doctor for advice and advice from him remotely.

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