An administrative idea saved a people.

Muhammad Yunus was living with his 14 sisters in a narrow house, his remote village was very poor and had no services. He wanted to excel in his school in order to escape from his poor village. All his professors were surprised by his genius and thanks to his academic excellence he got a scholarship to study business administration in the United States and married a Russian girl.


After graduating, he was appointed to the university as a teacher of economics, his country was suffering from poverty and severe hunger after independence, when he decided to return to his homeland to help his family, and his Russian wife refused to return to his poor homeland, when Yunus decided to abandon his wife for his homeland.


He worked as a professor in a university in Bangladesh and then returned to his poor village to find it in extreme poverty and agricultural land that is free except from hunger and poverty. At that time, he decided to establish a lender bank for the poor in need of starting micro projects. There was a problem in repaying the owners of loans to it, so he asked poor borrowers to pay a


By that idea, Yunus was able to save millions of poor people in Bangladesh and help them do simple work that would generate an acceptable income.


Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, he used part of his share of the prize $140,000 to set up a company to provide low-cost food to the poor while the rest of the prize will go to set up the Laayoune Hospital for the Poor in Bangladesh.


Younis presented a great economic idea that contributed to changing the culture of his society forever, and then the banks of the poor spread, where 100 banks were opened every year, and the idea expanded beyond the geographical scope of his country to Malaysia, the Philippines and Nepal, bringing the number of bank branches around the world to 2,500 banks.


One of his most important beliefs and the secret of his success is his belief that the poor are the greatest entrepreneurs around the world.


His only goal in his life is to kill poverty and make him a thing of the past and put him in a museum, because they struggle to survive and if we help them they will do great things.


In 2017, a postage stamp was issued with his picture in Bangladesh in his honor.

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