Anxiety: How to overcome anxiety about the past?

You have to close the doors of the past, which is irrevocably guardian, so will despair of it, as well as the doors of the unborn future, and promise yourself to live within the confines of the present day. This does not mean not to prepare for tomorrow or think about it, but the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to focus all our intelligence and enthusiasm in ending today’s work at its best, without worrying about what will happen next; so live every day separately, think tomorrow and prepare for it, but do not care about it” and they are synonymous with anxiety, and know Stephen Cook believed when he said: “What is the admiration of life, the child says: When he grows up and when he becomes a boy, he says: When he grows up, he becomes young man, and the young man says: When I get married, he says: When he becomes a full-time thing, and if he is old age, he looks forward to the

We only learn too late that the value of life is to live it, to live every day and every hour.”

And you have to make sure that over the years you have to face situations that are not happy, but inevitable, so you have the choice to either accept what is inevitable or shatter your life with revolution and resentment and often end in a nervous breakdown.

Accepting the fait accompli is the first step towards overcoming its difficulties, as the blind poet John Milton said: “It is not misery to be blind, but misery cannot afford to lose sight.” It is not circumstances that give us or rob us of happiness but how we respond to these circumstances that determine our destiny. In the end, no matter how much we object, enrich and resent, this will not change anything and it does not mean to slow down our tasks to all the misfortunes we face. When there is an opportunity to save ourselves from what has happened to us, let us take advantage of it and fight and fight for it, but if what confronts us is inevitable, then we must stop fighting uselessly. And there is one path that leads to happiness, and that is to be apprehensive of things over which we will not control, so be like a tree that bends until the storm passes peacefully, not like a tree that confronts the storm upright until it breaks it.

It makes sense to try to modify the outcome of an event, but you can’t change the event itself. The real benefit of the past comes by analyzing the mistakes you made taking advantage of them and then completely forgetting them. If you drop a glass of milk, there is no need to cry for spilled milk, the milk is gone and it is over, and no matter how much you are, sad and worried, you will not be able to return a single drop of it. It could have avoided milk spilling with some caution, but now is too late, and everything you can erase, learn caution when carrying any cup in the future, and then forget about the incident as if it was and only remembered the lesson learned. And always remember the poet’s saying, “If the saying is said or the pronunciation is written, or the mind is a wandering or the thought is a hop, the word does not want effort and does not hurt, and does not repeat the thought is spilled.”)

When something bad happens, the sane man tries to look for the positive side in him, while the foolish man is angry with people and fates, and is busy lamenting himself. Two prisoners may look at the horizon behind bars, one with his eyes and the solution of the road, while the other looks to the stars of the sky, and so change your mental orientation and painful experiences will turn into exciting adventures and your losses will turn into a place, and know that no matter how rich and exceed, the amounts will not change anything. If you read about the great works achieved by celebrities, you will find that most of them were motivated by shortcomings that motivated their owners to jihad and overcome them. It is possible that Milton would not have written this wonderful poetry if it had not been blind, and that Beethoven would not have composed such great music if he had not been deaf, and if Tolstoy and Dostoevsky had not been tortured in their own lives they would not have written their timeless stories. And I don’t know where came from the idea that a prosperous, stable life free of difficulties and obstacles creates happy men or their great ones? On the contrary, those who used to lament themselves will continue to lament even if they sleep on silk and turn on the jewels, and history testifies that greatness and happiness surrendered their leadership to men from different environments, including the good and the malignant. So try to overcome despair and turn bad experiences useful and may succeed in your attempt, and even if you do not succeed, the attempt itself will motivate you to look forward instead of turning back. The positive thoughts in your mind will replace destructive thoughts and generate the energy of activity that pushes you to get busy with work, so you do not have plenty of time to lament the past that is

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