Anxiety: How to overcome the anxiety caused by too much thinking?

70% of patients who come to doctors can treat themselves if they get rid of the anxiety and fears that control them. This does not mean that their diseases are fake, but they are real, but anxiety causes nerve tension and mood intensification, affects the nerves of the stomach, and refers digestive juices to toxic juicers that often lead to stomach ulcers. It turns out that four out of five patients with stomach upsets are not on an organic basis at all, but are based on fear, anxiety, hatred, and the person’s inability to fit between himself and his life. This is not limited to stomach disorders, but the effect of anxiety extends to heart disorders, blood pressure, rheumatism, thyroid gland, diabetes, and many skin diseases, but anxiety may result in tooth pain, damage, hair loss, and premature graying, as well as it affects beauty, where the face wrinkles and causes ugly cavities and wrinkles occur. It may lead to a nervous breakdown and even madness, which is one of suicide.

He noted that we are all concerned about our inability to fulfill our desires and ambitions. To deal with this anxiety, ask yourself a few questions such as: How useful will this thing I want? And how long can I allow myself to worry about this thing? And what price can I pay to get this thing? Since the value of something is measured by how much benefit you are and how much experience it gives you, so you should make your anxiety a limit, perhaps the thing you want is not worth all the anxiety it causes you, and you need to understand that anxiety will not achieve what you want.
Faith is a strong motivation to continue a happy and spacious life because it provides man with hope, safety, and courage, eliminates anxiety, fears, and depression, provides man with goals and goals and goals in life, and helps him to create a fertile oasis in the middle of the desert. Psychologists have realized the value of strong faith in human life. Being religion, prayer, and prayer and So trust in God and let him run your affairs with His wisdom and do not go into your life alone, but God has taken support and helper in what is easier to defeat the man who fights alone, but the man who takes God as a tooth and helper will never be defeated.

It is easier to defeat a man who fights alone, but a man who takes from God as a support and a supporter will never be defeated.


As you should always try to do what hurts you to someone close, bringing the complainant’s trouble to someone he trusts relaxes the heart and reduces stress, and many patients get rid of their psychological crises as soon as you talk about them, perhaps because the patient gains a deeper view of his problems or perhaps because he breathes by talking about the problems that hit his chest


If you have a problem that causes you anxiety, apply the magic Willis Carrier method, which consists of three stages: first, ask yourself: what is the worst that can happen to me, then prepare yourself mentally to accept the worst odds, and then proceed to save what can be saved. This recipe will give you the relaxation and calmness necessary for balanced thinking that will guide you to solve the problem. Anxiety distracts the mind and the person loses the ability to concentrate to make a decisive decision. To make the right decision to solve the problem, study the problem well and learn about its abstract facts, whether those that agree with or contradict your inclinations. Then analyze these facts by writing them down and carefully thinking about them and then make a decisive decision and act accordingly without hesitation or delay. If you don’t put your decision into practice, your previous fact-recovering and analysis is just a waste of time and effort.

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