CALL US….. if you see him

everything starts at 9 pm when we were heading to the mall.

last weekend my friend and I went to the cinema to watch a horror movie but what happened to us was very scary more than the movie that we planned to watch.

everything starts at 9 pm when we were heading to the mall. on our way, one of my friends saw a white long hair girl wearing tall black cloth but suddenly she disappeared. I told them to forget about it and let us go to the mall.

but I don’t know why they planned to follow her and stay on the same street that she appeared on.

when we were waiting for her to appear we saw an old building one of my friends said: “hey!! let us discover what is inside this building”.

I tried to change the topic and to complete our way to the mall as the film will start after half an hour none of them followed me they entered the building so I don’t have any other choice so I followed them. inside the building, we went to the 3rd floor on old stairs that were about to fall.


suddenly we saw the old woman and her face was so creepy that if you looked at her you will throw up everyone starts to run as fast as they can to get out of the building beside one of our friends the first when to see her.

we heard a very loud voice coming from the building so we get back to search for our friend but…..


if you want me to complete the story please type in the comment down below.

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