If you are a fan of scenic nature, a lover of charming beaches, wonderful crystal waters, and calm and beautiful tropical weather.

If you are a fan of scenic nature, a lover of charming beaches, wonderful crystal waters, and calm and beautiful tropical weather .. the city of Krabi is the ideal destination and the first haven for you and everyone looking for relaxation and relaxation, and in this article, we will learn more about This charming city and its wonderful archaeological and natural features …

Krabi is considered one of the most attractive cities for tourists in Thailand as it is a land of quiet culture and charming nature where the jungles, limestone cliffs, clear blue waters, wonderful smooth sand, and dreamy floating islands.


Those are Krabi located in southern Thailand, which includes more than 154 islands, which include the island of Krabi, which bears the same name of the city and one of its most famous landmarks is the « Tiger Cave Temple » which is only 5 km from the city center, and is considered one of the most important artifacts Archaeological and architectural Thailand and one of the most exciting temples in the world because it contains a group of mysterious caves and connected to each other wonderfully by a stone staircase consisting of 1237 degrees and ascending the visitors reach the highest point in the temple and is the main cave, or the cave of the bell as it is called, the thing Which gives a golden opportunity to see the temple completely from the top and the surrounding enchanting nature, and it was established in 1970 between the arms of nature, as it is surrounded by a group of dense trees that are over a hundred years old, and the temple is home to a group of monuments and perhaps « The most famous Buddha.


Besides the tiger’s cave, Krabi tourists cannot miss the « Viking cave » and explore its amazing and distinctive murals and paintings that are still a mystery that has not been solved yet.


And this cave is located in the islands of Phi which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Thailand due to its beautiful beauty, its clear turquoise waters, its soft white sand, and its colorful coral reefs, all this has made it a natural art painting and a suitable place to enjoy marine life.


However, despite all this, another place in Krabi is considered to be a stunning beauty that even exceeds the limits of the description, “Emerald pool” or the dazzling Emerald Lake that embodies nature in all its elements so that the tongue is incapable of describing it, charming colors, pure blue, greenery and springs waterfalls Tourism in Krabi is distinguished from other regions of Thailand.


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