Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand on the Ping River

Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand on the Ping River and is the second-largest province after the capital, Bangkok, and it is one of the most beautiful Thai islands in all, as it is called the North Rose, because of its archeological, natural and artistic attractions, attracting tourists to it from all over the world To enjoy its greatness, elegance, and calmness.

And that is almost what we will look at in this article. We undoubtedly invite you for a quick, amazing, and wonderful tour on the shores of Chiang Mai, its features, temples, and charming nature. 
The North Rose is famous in Thailand for its stunning green and mountainous mountains as it is surrounded by a mountain range from all sides as a fortress shield for this island in addition to a charming picturesque nature dominated by valleys, waterfalls, and rainforests with hot springs. 
The Doi Antanon National Park is the most embodied symbol of this nature, with stunning scenery with attractive charm, multiple waterfalls, green plantations, and high-rise highlands, including the highest peak in the whole of Thailand.
In the sport of mountain climbing, as for animal and bird freaks, the park includes a variety of mammals in addition to 362 species of birds. Other than this park, there are other destinations for these, whether highland lovers or animal lovers.
For those last two, the Knight Safari Park in Chiang Mai is the most preferred attraction, especially for children, as it possesses a large number of diverse animals, the most famous of which is the panda, and offers a wide range of diverse and distinct offerings. What distinguishes this garden is to provide freedom for animals so that visitors can feed them And take pictures with them in complete safety.
As for climbing enthusiasts, the Doi Suthep mountain was found for your luggage, ascending to its summit leads the visitor to take a panoramic view of the city and its picturesque nature, attractive monuments, and charming features …
It is worth noting that the Golden Mountain Temple or Wat Phra Doi Suthep is a brilliant name in the list of Chiangmai shrines, as it enjoys its position among green spaces and is included most of it on the highest peak in this famous and distinctive mountain in addition to its inclusion of a wide variety of distinctive statues and statues of golden color And for its breathtaking beauty and dazzling splendor, visitors from all over the world come to it to take some pictures of unforgettable memories over time.
And all of this is only part of the Doi Suthep National Park which was established in 1981 to represent the paradise of Chiangmai with its mountains, waterfalls, and scenery. 
On the occasion mentioning the waterfalls, Hay Ciao is the most famous, as it attracts tourists from all over the world annually and the local’s inhabitants of the city every day in desire and demand to enjoy the most beautiful landscape at all and swim in one of the warm ponds made by the charming nature of the place.
And for more magic, Royal Park Rajanpur gives its visitors the most beautiful and unique tours among green spaces and flowering orchards in wonderful weather on bicycles.
And from the magic of the scenic nature, we will continue our journey to Thai architecture with a long history and original design in Shanghai, to make Wat Chedi Luong Temple the first destination as a tourist place of great importance in Chinmay in addition to being one of the most ancient archeological buildings that are not devoid of its sacred character to embody the religions of Thailand, and It was established during the reign of King Sani Muang Ma, that is, in the fourteenth century and for this reason it is considered one of the most visited temples and buildings in Chiang Mai, especially by history lovers.
But “the holiest and classy temples is a title that will always remain for the star of temples in Shanghai, Wat Phra Singh, whose reputation is echoed in most parts of the world and is an expression of his splendor and greatness in terms of architectural design, reliefs, distinctive decorations, and amazing murals that attract the attention of visitors, a temple Carrying its pillars has a rich history and rich culture of an ancient life that has lived for hundreds of years.


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