some great advices in life

– These are ten commandments written by the American writer Kent Keith in 1968, which he converted in 2002 into a book called “Anyway”, which was on the list of bestsellers in America in that period and for long periods. These commandments were translated into many languages, so they drew the attention of the world, turned into posters, and hung on walls and doors. These commandments were as follows:

1. The People are irrational and only care about their interests, I love them anyway.

2. If you do good people will accuse you of having hidden selfish motives, do good anyway.

3. If you succeed you will win fake friends and real enemies, succeed anyway.

4.. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow, do good anyway.

5.. Honesty and candor make you vulnerable to criticism, be honest anyway.

6. The greatest men and women with the greatest thoughts can be stopped by the youngest men and women with the smallest minds, but carry great ideas anyway.

7. People love the vulnerable but follow the arrogant, fight for the vulnerable anyway.

8.. What you spend years building may collapse overnight, son anyway.

9.. People desperately need help but they may attack you if you help them, help them anyway.

10. If you give the world your best some will respond to you with abuse, give the world your best anyway.


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