Convincing skills

Convincing skill is an important part of the process of developing effective communication skills


Convincing skill is an important part of the process of developing effective communication skills, whether you are addressing a specific audience, trying to persuade co-workers, or even persuading a person in the family, if you are good at persuading others, then you have done half the work.

Failure to persuade is a failure In communicating effectively with others and to avoid this failure, we have provided in this article 5 tips for mastering the skill of persuasion :

  • 1- Belief in what you say:

    The first piece of advice to improve your persuasion skill is to believe in what you say, most people are not fools and therefore they will not be fooled into believing you if you are hesitant, if you truly believe in yourself, then this will be clear to the listener, be honest and feel a sense of trust with the listener.  If a person does not feel real trust in you, you will never be able to successfully persuade them.

  • 2- Trust yourself:

    Confidence is a prerequisite for persuasion. To gain the skill of persuasion, you have to trust in yourself. No one will ever look at your thoughts and opinions if he sees that you lack self-confidence, if you believe in yourself and what you do, you will always be able to persuade others to do what is right, while You get what you want in return.

  • 3- Make sure to say the right thing at the right time:

    The third piece of advice so that you can improve and enhance your persuasion skill is to find the right moment to prove your point of view. Pay careful attention to what you say. The skill of persuading an unacceptable audience to what you say is the most difficult thing. The solutions are to find a way to get the audience interested in what you say, if you show confidence you can start convincing your audience of what you’re trying to say. 

  • 4- Avoid hostility during the debate:

    During the discussion when others disagree with your idea or opinion, avoid offending their suggestions. Instead, the skill of persuasion enables you to gently bring them to your line of thought, so that they are easy to convince them naturally.

  • 5- make the audience understand your point of view:

    sometimes, to demonstrate a simple viewpoint, Perhaps you will only get a negative response or no response at all, often the human mind does not accept what is said without logic or to think of an example to follow, so you can clarify your point of view through an example or examples, this may attract the attention of the audience, as soon as you draw their attention You are now on your way to persuade them.

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