Correct And Fast Way To Learn Programming

If you are passionate about programming

If you are passionate about programming, web development, and web design, there are many leading websites in this field that work to develop your skills in programming languages and learn them professionally, so in this article, we will provide you with a set of these sites in addition to the correct and fast way to learn to program:

First: programming learning sites.

Code Academy is taken into account in every tutorial platform on the net, however, it’s not an everyday platform because it is committed to putting together the simplest academic expertise that makes it the simplest place to find out, teach and make motivating academic expertise. It additionally associated interactive websites between the teacher and therefore the learner that has a field for teaching programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby.


The Coursera platform is one of the foremost well-liked online learning platforms for nearly a decade, providing thousands of online courses that anyone will register for complimentary. The platform conjointly provides seventeen degrees online and nearly twenty programs that provide degrees in numerous fields.

Github is one of the important sites for programmers around the world, it contains several open-source projects, including huge and important projects in the world of technology and programming in general.

The EDX app, in partnership with Harvard and MIT universities, offers the most prestigious universities in the United States and the world, free courses and tutorials for all areas and aspects of life, and after completing it have a certified global certificate.

The academy provides free theoretical resources that have been prepared on an international educational level, and it is thus a precedent in this field.

udemy is an educational website, distinguished in offering paid and free specialized courses and educational courses as well.

Hack pledge is one of the sites that will connect you to a teacher, or you can register to direct someone else, even just planning to teach what you have learned can help you to keep information better.

Second: The correct way to learn to program:


1. Learning Structured HTML is essential and you should start with it.

2. CSS is indispensable and should be learned once markup language.

3. Learn PHP, which is also essential for handling requests on the server.

4. Break and create a complete application with what you learned.

5. Learn relational databases and learn MySQL.

6. Learn expressions for Regular Expressions.

7. Break and create an integrated application based on all of the above.

8. Learn the basics of JavaScript, then jQuery.

9. Learn to use the JSON format.

10. Learn AJAX technology and how to deal with it through the jQuery library and send and receive requests with PHP language.

11. Break and implement an application based on the above.

12. Learn Design Patterns.

13. Learn about Responsive Template design, the art of color selection, and the optimal use of resources.

14. Learn bootstrap.

15. Learn the SEO for better SEO writing.

16. Break to apply design patterns and create your framework for these codes to work on – not a requirement for it to be supernatural, just to learn –

17. Learn the Laravel framework.

18. Create your add-ons for the frame.

19. Learn Less for CSS Code Scripting Better.

20. Learn mustache javaScript template system.

21. Create an integrated application with what you have learned.

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