Death and life at the cellular level

For each eponymous cell, death and cell divisions are the fuels of persistent motion and the vibrant life of an organism. Without death, life would not have been straight, if our cells continued to divide uncontrolled and order more than 2,000 kilograms of bone marrow and lymph nodes would accumulate with long intestines extending to 20 kilometers as well as inconsistent giant tissues and organs. There are 3 forms of cell death, including apoptosis, which in Greek means falling leaves. The cell follows the path of death under the supervision of specialized genes through synaptic phenotyping and chemical scenarios.

Apoptosis is a deadly weapon and an effective pathway that researchers use to eliminate cancer cells. In the short video, the first two cells (at the bottom) shrink and fold their simplicity and die and the second (at the top) divides and expands like a great explosion.

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