Diver discovers ruins of ancient Greek port

The Hurriyet Daily News reports that Orkhon found round-shaped columns a year and a half ago using a drone that took a number of images of the rubble and handed them over to archaeologists who were working in the ancient city of Pergamon.


Experts spent a whole year proving that what Orkhon discovered were the ruins of the port city of the ancient Greek city of Athrani, which was active before the Byzantine and Ottoman times.


After this discovery, this area became a first-class reserve and the ruins of the port were given the status of an “archaeological site.”


The city of Atharni flourished in the 4th century BC, when it was the residence of Hermias, the ruler who historians call a “tyrant,” being a friend of Aristotle and a disciple of Plato.


Experts believe residents left the city and became deserted in the 1st century BC, due to an unknown epidemic.

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