Doctor offers simple Covid prevention tips

Infectious disease specialist Svetlana Ichenko said wearing a mask in public helps prevent coronavirus infection, preferably cleaning the nose and mouth with water after returning home.

Proper nutrition also plays an important role in maintaining good immunity, the doctor noted.


She added: “After the pathogen falls on the skin of the hands, we touch our face, that is, transmit the infection to ourselves. So hands should be washed more often, and after returning from public places, the nasal mucosa should be washed, and the mouth washed with water.” The doctor advised using boiling water during this.

She stressed that the emergence of clinical symptoms of the disease is related to the amount of viruses that have entered the body. She said: “It also has to do with how strong the body’s immunity is. To significantly prevent the entry of pathogens, it is necessary to protect the respiratory tract, by masking. It is known that when humans talk and sneeze exting viruses with biological fluids, and the mut can protect in the process.” The doctor advised supporting the immune system during the spread of the disease, paying attention to the quality of nutrition and taking vitamins.


She stressed the need to pay attention to the safety of the intestines and the beneficial condition of bacteria in them, as they provide 75% of the formation of immune cells. She advised taking probiotics during the period of intensification of the disease. To protect the body, it’s important to get enough sleep, be exposed to outdoors and avoid stress.

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