Does Apple sell its users data to businesses?

With the increasing dependence on the Internet, our lives have turned digital and we have seen many violations made by major companies to access their users’ data, sell it to third parties or even target it with ads, so there is a question that is currently in the minds of iPhone users, is Apple selling its users’ data or providing it to a third party?

Data collected by Apple

Just like any big tech company, Apple collects user data from its devices and services, and if you go to the company’s website and read Apple’s privacy policy, you’ll find the kind of data it collects however, unlike Facebook and Google which can be described as monsters that feed on users’ data, Apple collects less data but not because it has a good heart

From the image you see you will notice that both Google and Apple collect similar data, but the privacy policy will tell you how to use it, and while Google uses your data to show you personalized ads directly, Apple does it a little better, what do you mean? I mean Apple doesn’t show ads aimed at you, but it puts you in slides on which certain types of ads are shown.

You haven’t gotten the idea yet, let’s take an example to explore how Apple uses your data, let’s say you use the Apple News app to follow and read the fashion news, Apple puts you in the segment of people interested in fashion when this happens, you will see more fashion-related ads in the application, this means that Apple will show you relevant ads but not directly targeting you unlike Google, which once you know that you are following fashion, you will be directly targeted by all kinds of ads, whether for fashion or other things related to fashion and others. Any in Apple you will see fashion ads but on Google, it will be more dedicated to the topics you talked about specifically in fashion, brands, and others.

According to Apple, a chip is only created if there are more than 5,000 users with similar interests in the app, and of course, this number is very small compared to the company’s user base of more than one billion.


Does Apple collect your data?

The answer is yes, Apple collects your data and uses it to deliver personalized ads to you but, it’s easy to opt-out of personalized ads by going to settings, then privacy, then Apple ads, and disabling those ads. Notice that you don’t stop ads but stop personalized ads i.e. putting you in ad groups; that means you’ll see ads as well but maybe they’re not right for you.


Does Apple sell your data?

Even if you block ads from running, Apple still collects your data, and here’s the most important question what does Apple do with your data if you reject ads, does Apple sell your data? The answer is no, Apple does not sell your data to third-party advertisers, as the company exclusively can show you ads on its App Store but does not sell that data to third parties.

But Apple has made it clear that it may share some data with entities such as your telecommunications service provider to activate your account or any app you choose to share data with.

Google and Apple may collect and use your data in ads, but they don’t sell it to third-party advertisers, but that doesn’t make them the choice, if they don’t sell your data to advertisers but advertisers pay them for their ads to appear on Android and iPhones yet advertisers can’t tell who you are and anything about you.

If neither Apple nor Google sells your data directly, but they sell the numbers, there are more than 1 billion iPhone users and more than 2 billion devices that rely on Google services, so Google or Apple does not sell your data but they sell the fact that you are one of their users.


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