Dracula is considered one of the most feared cinematic figures and one of the most famous vampires

Dracula is considered one of the most feared cinematic figures and one of the most famous vampires throughout the ages, as he is claimed to be a ruthless creature that sits in his castle, which followed fear in the hollows of everyone who sees it, is sensitive to garlic and lives to drink blood and does not perish as the sunlight burns, it sleeps in his coffin during the day and does not come out except at night.

If I asked you a question like this: Do you think that the Dracula legend is real and does what was previously mentioned have roots in reality? Inevitably, I will have to add, saying: Do not rush and answer “no”.



  • In history:

The Dracula legend has a real source and the story has a realistic origin, as the real name of the vampire, Dracula is only Vlad III, who was born in 1431 and ruled the southern part of Romania intermittently until he was killed by the Ottoman Turks in 1476 and his head was hung on a spear in Constantinople ( Istanbul now ).


And what is the name of Dracula, except for his first surname, which means son of the dragon about his father, who held the title of the dragon by joining the Dragon League …

As for the title of stiffness, which means impaler, he acquired it as a result of his creation of the method of killing with piles, in addition to other methods in his torture of humans that minds cannot expect.

Throughout the ages, the name of Governor Vlad III was associated with the character of the vampire, and he was known for his use of the most heinous methods of killing and torture, in addition to drinking the blood of his victims, who was putting him on the road to his castle, which was raising fear in the hearts of all those who saw it as “Bran Castle”.

  • In science :


And as we mentioned earlier, Vlad III died in 1476, but it gives me great pleasure to inform you that vampires are like Dracula who is still living their daily lives among us without anyone realizing that a vampire can be your friend, your neighbor, or even a member of your family.

Where a website published a study of Neil Ostrobel in which he confirmed that Bram Stalker’s description of Dracula in his novel is nothing but a group of symptoms of a rare genetic disease called porphyria or Dracula syndrome and the term refers to the Greek word πορφύρα, which means purple, and is a group of inherited disorders Or acquired due to a defect in the production of heme that occurs in the liver and bone marrow and is one of the components of hemoglobin and includes eight different enzymes, one of which defines the type of porphyria and these symptoms can be limited to the pallor of the skin, excessive sensitivity to sunlight, abnormal growth in the teeth And nails that may acquire a brown color, sometimes hirsutism in addition to personality disorders.

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