Dunning – Kruger effect


The curve illustrates the relative relationship between “human self-confidence” (which is the vertical axis) and his “experience and knowledge in a field” (which is the horizontal axis)… We can summarize what he explains in three main aspects:

1- Left side of curve: (excess self-confidence).


You can simply notice that while human experience and knowledge in a field is equal to (zero%), his self-confidence is (100%)!… This means that the ignorant senses unparalleled confidence in his opinions and theses and never doubts his abilities, knowledge, and the validity of his opinions… It is the stage of illusion and resistance to change!

2- The middle part of the curve: As man’s knowledge and experiences increase, light leaks into his mind and heart, and his confidence decreases… He is increasingly skeptical of his views and his ability to minimize a topic… He gradually generates real confidence stemming from real knowledge and perception; then the illusion dissipates successively!


3- The right side of the curve: Note that a fully defined and experienced human being (on a subject); self-confidence will not exceed (70%)… The scientist and the expert remain aware that something is still missing from him… He also senses his vulnerability to full awareness of what things are and comprehensive awareness!


Which you find in the humility of many real scientists and experts!


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