Everybody was very hungry and at first, no one had time to talk. They were too busy eating. But later the kids told Leo about the hole in the ground by the Glanville vault. Don’t worry about the hole Leo said. It wasn’t your fault. No one looks after that vault now. I’ll cover up the hole tomorrow. What did you see in the church? Did you see the plaque in memory of Hugo Glanville? He was the improving squire. He died in 1778. Is that right? Regan asked. Yes, that’s right Leo replied. Singles hall was his home. Hugo Glanville was murdered there. He was murdered by a villain as the plaque says. The murdered once lived in this village. And Hugo destroyed the village. People were angry about that.

The plaque calls Hugo an improving squire Leo Regan said. But you are telling us a different story. He didn’t improve the village be destroyed it.

Why did he do that? Tom asked

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