Expansion of electric car manufacturing is the perfect solution to keep pace with global technological development

There is no doubt that the world is moving strongly towards the transition to clean energy of all kinds, both in terms of various means of transport, cars, aircraft and ships, in terms of machinery, machinery and equipment in factories, or in relation to the raw materials themselves used in industry.

Some countries have set a maximum limit for this transformation in 2030, some countries, and even some international companies have set a maximum of 2040, while most countries in the world have set a maximum of 2050 for the total cessation of all fossil fuels, including oil, gas and coal, as well as some other pollutants, which threaten to raise the earth’s temperature, thus exposing the Earth to many disasters.

These disasters have already been witnessed these days, and years ago in many countries where the climate has turned into a rich climate and temperatures are different and there are hurricanes, rains and unexpected climatic things.

In this context, the Egyptian government attaches great importance to this file, as evidenced by the fact that for years, there have been negotiations to manufacture electric vehicles.

The beginning of course was natural gas-powered vehicles which is of course less polluted than gasoline, diesel and diesel, but electricity is the best solution, and the best solution, so it is now important to go in two directions, the first trend, is the localization of the technology of the industry itself, which was confirmed by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to manufacture components for the manufacture of electric cars.

The second trend, which is the pursuit of China, and why China? Because China is the no.1 country in the world currently manufacturing electric cars.

It is important to agree with a company, and this is also currently being completed, so it is important in the coming period to focus all efforts on the manufacture of electric cars, because it is the best way instead of converting cars into natural gas, and then less than 10 years later, we turn them back to work with electricity.

From now on, the focus should be on the electric car manufacturing project, whether in Al Nasr Automotive Company or engineering company for cars or from entering the private sector as a strategic partner, and there is no doubt that the government also attaches great importance to the private sector in various future projects so as not to fall behind the world, especially since Egypt will host the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh next November.

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