Expert: Coronavirus has lost its ability to penetrate lung tissue

Anna Popova, head of Russia’s Federal Consumer Rights Watch, Ross Butreibnadzor, said that during its conversation, the coronavirus has lost the ability to penetrate lung tissue.

The expert stressed that the omecron mutator mainly affects the upper respiratory organs and does not cause a severe course of the disease.


“Scientists from different countries as well as studies in Russia say that this virus is constantly changing, this is its nature and it cannot live without it. This virus is looking for the best shape to adapt to the human body. In his search for the best formula for him and for the best amino acid formula, the virus lost one of its receptors, which ensures it can penetrate lung tissue.”


Bobova explained that the coronavirus currently mainly affects the upper respiratory organs, causing bronchitis, as well as bronchitis in children.

The expert stressed that omecron no longer causes heavy passage of the disease, but it is still ambiguous how its complications will be after that, because it has not been long since the appearance of this mutated.

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