Five Things You Should Never Buy From a Thrift Store

I know you can find a lot of information there to avoid when shopping in the store. An article I read mentioned 16 different things! (What did I think was left there?) But I’ve been buying cheap stores for over 30 years. A successful purchase from this store was the only key to creating my favorite style of a cozy cottage in my home! You may be lucky now, but you have not faced the dangers mentioned in this article. E.g – I never brought bed linen, mold, or other pests into the house. I was not poisoned by eating old food, living in a palace, or using old equipment.

I didn’t notice that my body suddenly became disproportionate to the shoes I was wearing. my secret weapon? Common sense. I just can’t stand it – I check things out very carefully. I wouldn’t buy it if the shoe was deformed on someone else’s feet. If the non-stick coating comes off the pan, I wouldn’t buy it. If the furniture smells or is damaged by pests, I will not buy it.

So my list of “never buy from a thrift store” is very short, because I’ve never had a hard time buying second-hand products. Here it is: Lingerie/swimwear – I always buy them fresh because they touch my body parts. Bra included. Mattress – No bed defects, but body contamination, dead skin cells, hair oil, etc. I want to start over with the mattress and add my gank.

Bed pillows – see OPG above. I’m talking about a pillow on your head. If you find great pillows or other decorative bed pillows in the store, you will not have the same ambiguity. I always buy sofa cushions from thrift stores. “Expired”, damaged or old safety equipment – Bicycle and motorcycle helmets and child car seats contain energy-absorbing foam which is considered “used” if it becomes too old or absorbs impact.

So, I come up with ideas, and to see them flush them out, it’s really fun. I didn’t know until a while ago, but the car seat seems to be valid due to the damage to the interior material. Vintage crib – Cribs with sloping sides and straps at a distance of more than 2-3 / 8 inches can cause suffocation, pressure, and other injuries to the baby.

These are things you can’t buy in stores. The experience of carefully inspecting the items you buy before you buy has helped me avoid all the potential risks of buying from a cheap store. It also has the added benefit of not spending even a small penny on dirty, broken, or damaged items. If it’s invalid, it’s not a business!

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