For your psychic safety

Rule 1 :

Do not sympathize with those who have chosen to perish with their own hands, but you can pity them in secret.

Rule 2 :

Stop amplifying your naive mistakes that you think you’re living alone.

Rule 3 :

Don’t share bad news with others and don’t delay telling good news to whom it may concern.

Rule 4 :

Let your career be a reader of life and accept nothing less.

Rule 5 :

Stay away when you feel like your presence is nearing your end and keep what’s left of you.

Rule 6 :

Let your feelings be precious to your heart, don’t make it vulnerable to anyone.

Rule 7 :

Don’t say yes easily replace it with “I’ll try for you,” don’t ask me why you’ll let it know later.

Rule 8 :

You have to see for yourself from all the difficulties of the world, and smile as much as you can.

Rule 9 :

Don’t say yes and you say no to yourself.

Rule 10 :

Don’t get used to things and people because it’s the worst that can happen to you.


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