Happy life

1. Happiness is more beneficial than sleeping and eating. Dr. Hinohara writes: “Man gains energy not by eating or sleeping, but by having fun. “Remember that when we were kids having fun we forgot to eat and didn’t need to sleep. This is no different with adults. “”

The secret to Japan’s longevity is to consume food in moderation. The doctor says meat consumption should be limited, twice a week for 100 grams is enough.


2. Start planning ahead. Fill your notebook with future plans. Ideas are physical – When you think about the future, you don’t have time to look at your past and grieve for your problems.

3. Spread the knowledge Shigaki Hinohara gave at least 150 lectures a year. Each lecture lasted an hour and a half, and he spent all the time standing up.


4. Don’t give up on yourself! Physical activity doesn’t necessarily have to happen in the gym. Walking, cycling and climbing stairs instead of an elevator are much better than nothing. The couch is the worst enemy, you have to rest actively.

5. Read on! Be inspired by your own book. It’s supposed to help you define your goal in life.


6. Reassessing values In the pursuit of material wealth, man forgets necessities – love, care, mercy. “You can’t take everything with you,” said a sage on the subject. Remember, “You can’t take everything with you.”

7. Find a teacher Look for the role model Try as hard as you can beat him.


Great long life!

Enjoy life every minute and every moment. I hope the new day is better than before. Remember this and help everyone as best you can. No need to ask for anything in return. Being alive is the ultimate reward.

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