How does anger arise? And how do you control it?

Feelings come from our mental perceptions that are externally driven by life events or old memories, and feeling angry comes from two perspectives:


The first perspective comes from our deep-edge beliefs about what is right and what is wrong, how things should be, people, situations and life. And how life is fair, as our perception of life as unfair will provide us with anger.


The second perspective is related to our current mood, and suppose we work to achieve an outcome, or to achieve specific things according to our daily plans and as we wish and desire, but we have not reached what we want and achieve what we want, and as planned, we get tired and frustrated.


We start by saying that none of my desires come true, and then we work to generalize that, by saying that life is not good, that it goes against what I want and what I want, which in turn will bring us back to the main idea that life is unjust, or that it is not right.


Especially when we look at the efforts we have made, and at our good intentions, and yet we have not reached the results we want, to doubt our heart and mind, declaring as if life is going better with those who are unjust and bad intentions, which generates

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