How Old is Albanian Language

How old is the Albanian language Are you curious about the history and origin of the Albanian language? Then you are in luck that at Universal Translation Services, we offer a complete guide to the Albanian language. Although the exact origin of the Albanian language is not fully known, there are traces of the development of this language in ancient times. The views of different historians differ, but UTS offers the best possible and most obvious information about the origin of the Albanian language. If you are interested in learning more about this language, just stay with us until the end! Let us start by examining the history and origin of the Albanian language!

History and Origin Although the debate about the exact origin of the Albanian language are still ongoing, most linguists agree that this language has been developing since 100,000 BC. At that time, people in Africa evolved with a modern cranial shape and a modern vocal track that allowed them to articulate all the sounds of modern languages. Some anthropologists even believe that some languages evolved before their known origins, suggesting that languages have a long history, but there is no firm consensus on this. Research indicates that Albanian languages were not in written form until the 15th century AD and therefore there is doubt about their origin. However, according to Ptolemy (an expert in linguistics), native Albanian speakers were present before the emergence of the written system. The linguistic and archaeological evidence suggests that the Albanians were an independent people for even longer. Thus, the Albanian language has probably existed for several millennia but has only been recorded in writing for the last 500 years.


Why is it called “Albanian”? The origin of this ancient language lies in its unique name. A distinctive feature of Albanian is that it is directly related to the Indo-European language family, and there is no other language that can be associated with this branch. Just as The Universal Translation Services refers to a translation website, the Albanian language was named after its native speakers. This name traditionally refers to a limited area in central Albania, and the current official name Shqip or Shqipëri, possibly derived from a term meaning “to pronounce, to understand,” is still disputed. Moreover, the name Albanian has been found in records since the time of Ptolemy. In Calabrian Albanian, the name is Arbresh, in Modern Greek Arvanítis, and in Turkish Arnaut; the name must have been transmitted early through the Greek language.

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