How to Clean the Air for Our Children

Pollution kills millions of people around the world

Pollution kills millions of people around the world. Therefore, he is known as a silent killer who can cause many health problems, including cancer and respiratory diseases. According to statistics, he is the most common child killer in the Third World.

In these countries, children suffer and die from diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia.

This article discusses the importance of fresh air for future generations. Read on for more details. Today, more than 300 million children live in urban centers with very high levels of air pollution.

In addition, an estimated 2 billion children live in areas that exceed World Health Organization (WHO) pollution levels. This is part of the overall figure.

However, it is estimated that 70% of children in developing countries are exposed to poor air quality every day, especially in cities. If the air pollution reacts to the destruction of the weather, you should think again.

According to doctors, pollution is responsible for many malicious diseases, such as cancer. It can adversely affect your child’s brain development.

One of the most dangerous particles in polluted air is known as PM2.5. According to experts, this contaminant can affect a child’s brain. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be getting worse. Today, most Asian countries suffer from the worst air pollution.

Many schools have been closed in recent years due to air pollution in India. Doctors also advise parents to move to the city with their children.

Many residents also have a habit of wearing a mask to protect themselves from smoke and other air pollutants. Governments are struggling with the long-term effects of pollution on human health.

First, we need to allocate more budget to producing evidence. This means generating and collecting more data on human health and air quality. And these facts and figures must be communicated to the public through the media.

Governments of developing countries must also develop policies to reduce air pollution. For example, governments need to follow strict policies to ensure that pollution levels in all cities and states do not exceed maximum levels.

You will also be subject to significant fines for violating environmental laws. In short, it is one of the measures to purify the air for future generations. In short, you will discover that we must create a clean environment for future generations. Therefore, we must all do our part to control pollution and make sure that others are clean.

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