How To Present Your Presentation

it is the point of communication between us and the target audience


1- Content and Design:

And because this point is the first thing we work on, and it is the point of communication between us and the target audience, whatever it is, it must be organized smoothly, briefly and clearly, no matter how attractive your content is, if you do not take it out on the screen in a simple way, you will meet a sea of ​​empty faces, so this section of your presentation It is divided into three simple sections:

  • A compelling, concise introduction that attracts your audience.
  • A presentation that contains guides, facts and quotes to support your main point.
  • The summary and conclusion should contain an outline of your content.


Try not to have a large number of slides, the fewer the audience can understand and communicate with the content.


Also no more than six words per slide: Marketing king Seth Godin says that we should only have six words per slide, so we review the content and summarize it in clear keywords, it will take time but it will pay off.


Design and choose colors in an attractive and eye-catching way, so it is best to avoid the many and overlapping colors, as well as coordinate fonts and sizes.


Format your presentation on Powerpoint, this is enough for an attractive, structured presentation with multiple options.


2- How to submit the presentation:


There is no doubt that your presentation of the content is just as important as preparing the content itself, as great content without a distinct presentation will definitely not succeed.


Powerful Editorial Always means success in attracting audiences, audiences often make decisions about what to present in the first 7 seconds so the first moments must be made different and distinct.


For example, scientific presentations are often boring, and in order to attract attention, you can start by presenting an interesting story about one of the experiences that you worked on, and you will actually succeed in attracting the attention of the audience.


Ask a question, a question that carries with it what motivates them to interact, and this breaks the boredom and apathy that may seep into them, and indeed it will have a magical effect.


As you prepare for the presentation, you always have to keep in mind what the audience needs and wants to know, not what you can tell them.


If you smile and make eye contact, you build a relationship, which helps the audience communicate with you and your topic. It also helps you feel less stressed, because you are talking to individuals, not to a large group of unknown people.


In the end, be honest and speak from the heart and do not try to dazzle anyone, the most important thing is to communicate the idea.





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