In a minute…

Leo walked up to the

Leo walked up to the church door and unlocked it with a big key. At that moment his mobile phone started to ring.

You all go inside the young man said to the four friends. I’ll join you in a minute.

Jack pushed open the heavy door and the four friends went slowly inside the church.

The air in the old building was very cold. Light came into the church from a beautiful window in the tower. The kids moved very quietly.

Regan walked up to a square of stone with words carved on it on a plaque. It was fixed to one of the walls.

Tom walked up behind her and he read the words in a quiet voice. To the memory of Hugo Glanville improving squire of Isinglass. He was murdered by a villain in the year 1778N.let him rest in peace.

What does it mean? Regan asked. What is an improving squire? You, British people, use some strange phrases. The squire owned all the land around here. Tom told her. He lived in a big house Isinglass hall. I don’t know what he improved.

Maybe he improved the village .. Maybe he improved the lives of the villagers ..Maybe he build better houses for the poor people.

Suddenly. The four friends heard Leo calling them. A moment later. The young friends heard Leo calling them. A moment later. The young man hurried into the church. I’m sorry kids he said quickly. I have got to leave you.

And I need to look at the church so you will have to go outside now ..Leave the keys with us ..Leo Frankie said ..Then we can stay here longer.


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