It was eight o'clock the next morning

It was eight o’clock the next morning. The kids their teacher and Leo were at the dig early. They were ready to start work.

Yes, Jack replied. It was horrible. I don’t want to go back there. Frankie said nothing. She was looking down at her open hand. What have you got there? Regan asked her friend. It’s half a coin Frankie said It’s very old. There’s something strange about it too.

Let me see Jack said He held out his hand no Frankie said quickly. Don’t touch it. I found it It’s mine.

Jack was surprised but he said nothing ..Show it to Mrs. Tinker Regan said Maybe it’s made of silver. Maybe it’s worth a lot of money.

Mrs. Tinker not going to have it. Its mine. I’m going to keep it Frankie said. She spoke in a hard angry voice. Let’s get back to the camp now. I’m hungry

Frankie began to walk quickly away. The others followed her silently. Outside the graveyard, the mist had disappeared and the sun was shining.

What a lovely day Frankie said. I feel happy again. Look Mrs. Tinker’s car is coming down the road She will drive us to the campsite. An old car stopped by the side of the road and the children quickly got into it. Did you like the church? Mrs. Tinker asked them

Then she saw their clothes. Jack your clothes are dirty. And so are yours, Frankie. What have you been doing? Frankie fell into an old vault Regan said Then Jack fell in too. Frankie found part of a coin down there. Show it to Mrs. Tinker Frankie.

No Frankie said quickly I can’t I have lost it.

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