Incognito omecron

New WHO report reveals new omecron mutation, known as BA.2, is no more deadly than the original omechron mutated

Reports indicate that the new mutation from the omechron mutated, also called the “incognito omechron,” differs from previous mutations due to the cellular protein structure.


Although scientists are unsure of the effects of the new mutation, they know it spreads rapidly, officials are starting to learn more about its unique properties and, more importantly, identify the symptoms of “incognito omechronism” that have been described as almost identical to those of the original omechron mutated.


These main symptoms include:

– Fever

– Extreme fatigue

– Cough

– Sore throat

– Head pain

– Muscle fatigue

– High heart rate

Researchers are currently studying whether there is a common thread between Omicron Incognito infection that differs from the original omecron infection, Delta-associated infections, or those early cases of Covid-19 in 2020.

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