it’s my mind.. Don’t look for your thoughts in it!

Each of us grew up full of ideas and convictions formed by several factors, including his upbringing, education, the circumstances of his life, and his society. He grows up on that and mixes with others and may get along with them and may not be in harmony, according to the compatibility and dissonance of ideas.

The harmony of spirits has nothing to do with the compatibility of ideas. A person may come into spiritual harmony with someone who is completely different from him in attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. Here we talk about the minds and the convictions, beliefs and ideas they are stored in them, so it was an intellectual system for the person to face the ideas of the other .

In the era of openness and the information revolution, and the proliferation of communication platforms and the lack of restrictions on them except Mander, the person has more freedom and wider windows from which to show his ideas to others, and there is no doubt that they are ideas of him regardless of what they are built on, and the recipient does not have to approve them at all.

Everyone has freedom of opinion and decision, an agenda of ideas he thinks is sound, and every opinion he will consider extraneous and strange until he is familiar with it, and agrees with his thinking.

Entering the new idea, whatever it is on the human mind, is like a stormy attack on a quiet house, which he deals with according to his mental abilities and life circumstances, and perhaps little by little he coexists with and becomes more prepared for other developments.

(It’s my mind, I’m not looking for your ideas), a phrase we should conjure up before going into any discussion with the other, and we must have the appropriate means of persuasion if we are sure of the safety of the ideas we are putting forward and spread the benefit of them. But if our ideas are rejected by a majority, this means that we

There is a Swiss proverb that says:

Don’t try to convince the cow that bananas are tastier than grass, try to convince yourself that you have nothing to do with what the cow likes!

Note: Proverbs are struck and not measured.

One of the most unforgivable sins in society is the independence of thought.


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