Jack Ma’s success story

About success stories, we cannot help but mention the success story of Jack Ma

About success stories, we cannot help but mention the success story of Jack Ma, the founder of the famous Ali Baba site who has been rejected and failed again and again, but he has remained steadfast, challenging himself and the circumstances of his life, to make his effort the most inspiring success stories in the world. This great man.


First: Genesis

On October 15, 1964, Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, to a poor family of 3 children. His parents were artists performing folk songs.

His inclination to learn English appeared at the age of 12, as he was riding his bike for 40 minutes a day to reach the nearest hotel to his home to offer his services for free to foreign tourists to develop his skills in this language.

Second: the study

After he finished high school, he decided to enroll in the university, but he failed twice in the exam that qualified him to enter the university, but fortunately the third time he managed to attend a university in his city, as he described in one of his interviews that its level is low and it is the worst university in Hangzhou, and managed after 5 years To be a graduate professor of the English language.

Third: The beginning of his working life

When he graduated from the university, he managed to work as a teacher of English for 5 years with a salary ranging between 12 and 15 dollars a month, so he paid his meager salary to find other sources of livelihood.

He submitted 16 times a request to immigrate to the United States of America, but his requests were rejected, as he was rejected in American universities, and in the end, he began to invest in the language that he mastered and was able to translate to obtain a visa to enter the United States to work as a translator in one of the companies, and he also applied To work as a cleaner in the famous KFC restaurant.

Fourth: Establishing the Ali Baba site and achieving its a success

After traveling to the United States of America, he noticed that there were no special pages for China on the Internet, so he thought about setting up an online company that would be for e-commerce.

In 1999 he managed to convince his relatives and friends about the idea of ​​establishing the company, and then he did not have any money, so he had to take loans from his friends to establish the company in his house, and he called it Ali Baba.

In the year 2000, Jack Ma decided to expand his company’s activity, as he succeeded in obtaining financing estimated at 20 million dollars, which made him achieve one success after another.

As for the reason for naming the site on the name of Ali Baba, it goes back to the famous story (Ali Baba) where all cultures talked about, and the name Ali Baba is easy to use for the visitor and it resembles the phrase open sesame … so open the cave of Ali Baba, which is full of everything related to China.

Ali Baba site has become the largest global marketplace that combines supply and demand on Internet sites, and it generates profits in millions, in addition to using the e-mail service in addition to the electronic payment system, Ali Pay.

In 2013, Jack Ma owned the Ali Express business website, an online e-commerce website of the Chinese Alibaba Group that specializes in selling products at wholesale prices to merchants and individuals around the world.

In early 2013, Jack Ma resigned as CEO of the Alibaba Group to spend the rest of his life serving environmental issues and education in China.

Fifth: Jack’s fortune

Jack Ma’s fortune is estimated at $ 21.9 billion, making him the richest person in China, and ranks 34th among the richest people in the world, according to Bloomberg Magazine.


From an English teacher who has a monthly salary of no more than $15 to the richest person in China, this is Jack Ma’s success story. I hope, dear, that you have benefited from the information we provided to you.

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