Kafka and the girl

It is said that Kafka a year before his death lived a very great experience he wrote about.


In a park in Berlin caught his attention a girl crying burningly, because she lost her doll, he offered to help her search but found nothing.” He suggested she go home and meet her the next day to look again.


But at home, Kafka decided to write a letter on the baby’s doll tongue; handing it over to her on time because he was confident the doll was lost forever.


The message was:


(My dear friend, please stop crying, I decided to travel to see the world and learn new things, I will tell you in detail about everything that happens to me daily)


When they met he read the message to the girl who never stopped smiling and joyful amid her tears.


And this was not the only message, it was the beginning of a series of meetings and letters between them, in which the doll tells the girl about her adventures and heroism in a fun, beautiful and attractive way.


After the adventures ended, Kafka gave the girl a new doll that was very different from the old one.


And with it the last message on the doll tongue:

(Travels changed me, but that’s me)


The girl grew up and kept Kafka’s doll until one day came and discovered a second last message that was hidden in her doll’s wrist: “The things we love are always at risk of being lost but love will always come back differently.”

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