Leftovers Makeover

People do not agree with food waste. But food waste is a reality of American life. Is it a good food to re-experience or is it an economic necessity to eat again? There is only one option left. throwing away food.


I like leftovers more than other foods. I cook in less than 2 minutes in the microwave without cleaning pots and pans. Cons: Every time you open the fridge door after you put the leftover food back in the fridge, they look at you and say, “Eat me, taste it!” I know someone who keeps the leftovers in the fridge so as not to be accused of throwing away good food. However, he does not eat. A week later, I decided to throw it away because I saw or imagined smallpox-like fragments and appendages in the remaining debris. – Yes, I threw it away. They disappointed me.


Good food is not bad for you. However, you didn’t like the food because it didn’t come out of the pan anymore. You can label leftovers with more appetizing names like “Second Portion”, “Eaties Redoux” or “Mange le Lendemain”. The French name means “we eat the next day”.


Forget the name! The real problem is that the rest of the food can’t be cooked. But you can make new gaskets. There are restrictions on the fast cooking of the garnish. Otherwise, why are you dissolving the rest so fast? Consider sorting as a way to do this. When fried, quickly fry the vegetables over high heat with a little oil or oil in a pan. My favorite sauce is garlic and onion mushrooms. I can cook a little or a lot (depending on the leftovers). It goes well with leftover meat.


If you like mushrooms or onions, you know that there are different varieties and different varieties have different tastes. First, choose what you know and like, then try something new. When it comes to garlic, it’s a matter of how much or how little you want it. If you want to hide your appetite for leftover sauce, use more garlic to taste the garlic when you eat it.

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