Life is hard

Once I read in the editorial of the book: (The Least Intend Way) this saying: ‘Life is hard. This is a great fact. But once you realize that life is difficult and fully accept this fact, then life will no longer be difficult!”

Life gets really hard when you think life shouldn’t be hard,” says Eckart Tolly explaining. When you assume in your brain that life should not be difficult, that there should be no problems, that people should not get sick, and that plans should not fail. In this case you will live in a state of constant resistance, rejection and denial of the difficult events and situations that happen to you in life. But when you realize that these difficulties are an essential part of the nature of life and fully accept this fact, then life will no longer be difficult! Because whenever you have difficulty in life you will say: It is the nature of life!

The source of your true happiness and your advancement in life is its source within you, its source in your heart, it is formed in your mind, from your thoughts, you control it, the source of your true happiness is inner peace and tranquility. The true source of your happiness begins with your love for yourself, it begins when you believe that you are enough as you are and for what you are. The source of your true happiness is to enjoy the journey of life and not relate to the pleasures of life, the real source of your happiness is today, it is now, it is every moment of your life, do not wait for anything

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