Make Delicious And Healthy Meals At Home

The temptation to eat fast and light food around us is that it is not always easy to do it right. Buying food from your yard or the frame farmer ‘set is the freshest and best way to make sure your food is full of nutrients and flavor. The following steps to make it attractive and delicious are presented on every page in “In a Small Garden.” With over 300 recipes researched and developed over 30 years, this book brings them all to your table in a delicious way. Award-winning authors Dave and Lillian Brummer began experimenting with recipes in the Okanagan region in the early 1990s and began incorporating them into this book. For the next 30 years, the applicant traveled to the border area, where he lived for 12 years, after which he moved to his permanent home, Kortney. In all these journeys, Brummer has tried and refined the recipes of this collection.


The couple tried a vegetarian diet for several years, became a vegetarian for a short period, and eventually opted for a balanced diet that included a variety of animal proteins, including fruits, grains, and vegetables. healthy bread and healthy desserts. Together, they ran a rural SPA on top of the mountain (creating and maintaining a three-acre vegetable garden). During breaks, it was always a snack or a big snack drum event. This helped to improve the recipes in this book.


This set of recipes is the ultimate guide to using fresh fruits and vegetables from your yard at the farmer’s market. We help you make delicious and healthy dishes at home with fresh local fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s your backyard or a farmers market, you’ll find the freshest and best ingredients. Armed with the right set of recipes, you’ll never get tired of cooking at home. Tired of buying packaged food, spices, and all the waste that comes with it? From salad dressings to sauces and syrups, this book has home versions of many things you would normally buy. Make food much better and much cheaper than restaurant food. Full of interesting historical and nutritional information, this book is more than just a recipe book. It is a way to get useful and delicious gifts from the freshest and purest foods we receive.

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