Medieval gold ornaments found in Britain

Archaeologists have discovered a medieval golden brooch with a series of Latin and Hebrew inscriptions, and the artifact, found in Wilshere, UK, may have carried a kind of magic in an attempt to give the user protection against disease or supernatural events.

The Latin inscriptions on the brooch were translated into “Peace be upon you, Mary, grace of the Lord / Blessing you are among women / And blessing is the fruit of your belly. Amen.

The gold brooch dates back to sometime between 1150 and 1400 AD and may have been used to try to prevent fever, according to a brief report on the discovery posted online, according to Live Science.

In England and Wales, metal detector experts report their discoveries to PAS, a government-sponsored organization that publishes reports and photographs of discoveries on its website and sometimes in scientific journals.

Some scientists said that the initials “You are great forever, Lord” may be important for decoration, while Richard Kegelfer, professor of religious studies at Northwestern University, told Live Science in an email: “This phrase is prominently reflected in the charm of the Middle Ages.”

He noted that other prayers engraved on the brooch were common religious prayers at the time.

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