In short (NLP), which is an organized method that helps to identify the structure of the human psyche, and use many useful means and methods to deal with it, which contributes to reaching an appropriate effect in feeling, perception, thoughts, and perception, and perception, and this is reflected in human minds, and physical performance. NLP is also one of the applied materials that appear within.

NLP is not a branch of science; it does not rely on scientific results related to neuroscience or psychology but was developed as a system in 1970 by two specialists in what is known as self-help.


Many opinions agree with or disagree with NLP, including that of Dr. Stephen Novella, who says that NLP hypotheses about the possibility of programming emotions and behavior by mimicking several superficial aspects are incorrect and false.

The Bandler Institute for this programming sees it as a study specialized in individual experience; human behaviors based on language programming will contribute to the emergence of works closer to magic by relying on building a new way to perceive the effects of communication on the human brain.

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