Omar Memouche participates in Stuttgart draw with Bochum in the Bundesliga

Stuttgart drew the German professional within the ranks of Egyptian star Omar Mermouche, with a goal for each team in front of his counterpart Bochum during the meeting that brought the two teams together in the competitions of the 23rd round of the German league.

The Egyptian star came on the bench of the team at first, then participated a substitute eyelashes in the middle of the first half in place of Silas and Amanjituka in the 20th minute.

Egyptian star Omar Mermouche came out in the 73rd minute of the second half after replacing him in the first half and replacing Hiroki Ito.

Bochum’s Armel Bella Kochab scored a goal in the 56th minute of the match, to advance the friendly flames to a deserved victory for Stuttgart, who made a good match at the technical level and Bochum managed to equalise in the final moments of the game through Edward Lubin from the penalty spot.

Stuttgart finished 17th in the German league table with 19 points, while Bochum remains in 11th place with 29 points.

The German club Stuttgart announced last Thursday that its star young Egyptian striker Omar Marmouche has recovered from the virus and Corona, and returned to the team’s training in preparation for the upcoming clashes in the German league.


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