Outside the church ..

Outside the church. The mist was a little thinner. The thick hedge around the graveyard looked very dark. The kids could see the gravestones more clearly now. They could see another building in the graveyard too.

What’s that? Regan asked the others. Let’s have a look. The friends walked across the graveyard to a little stone building. The old building was square with a flat roof and no window. There were two black iron gates in front of its dark wooden doors. And there was a picture carved in the stone above the doors.

This is very strange Jack said looking at the picture. It’s a carving of a wolf with a small boy. Look the animal’s foot is on the child’s shoulder. Is the wolf guarding the child? Or is it going to kill him?

The kids looked at the strange picture. The name Glanville was carved in the stone beneath it. Glanville said, Regan. That was the improving squire’s name. What’s this place for Jack? It’s a family vault Jack replied. All the dead Glanville are lying inside. In big wooden coffins. Are they buried under the ground? Regan asked.

No vaults are the rooms under the ground? Regan asked.No vaults are the rooms under the ground Jack told her. There are steps inside this building that go down into the vault. The coffins are usually put on shelves around the walls. Do you want to see them? No thank you ..Regan answered quickly. And we can’t get inside because the gates are locked.

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