Panasonic invents new ways to develop phone camera lenses

Panasonic has announced a new innovation to improve the world of phone and smartphone camera lenses.

Experts at Panasonic noted that they have devised a new way to mold glass so that the lens manufacturing process becomes easier and more reliable.

Experts explained that the new technology is similar to that used with infrared lenses, but will be used in the future with semi-spherical lenses adopted in smartphones, and will use glass such as cogenide to enhance the performance of cameras and sensors.

What is also distinctive in the new technology is that it facilitates the manufacture of lenses in different diameters ranging from 3 to 40 mm, and does not use adhesives to stabilize lenses, which prevents contamination of the edges of the lens and increases the accuracy of imaging in cameras.

The new idea is expected to help Panasonic expand its phone camera business and could serve it in the future in entering new lens production markets for other electronic devices.

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